In 2008, the aftermath of subprime mortgage crisis led to quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve, global recession and the European sovereign debt crisis. Confidence in government issued currencies began to come into question. It was the perfect storm for the emergence of a new crypto currency: BITCOIN.
Since the birth of the internet, there have been movements to create virtual cash. However, the early attempts could not solve the Double Spending problem. The way around this is to verify whether a token has been sent or not by a trusted source. While a central authority can be used, it also creates weakness in the system by having a Single Breaking Point.

Well, the title of the story appears to be a gloomy one, but there are indications that the world indeed may be heading in that direction. Today, hardly any part of the world is untouched by the menace of terrorism, political discontent and wide spread disparity between the haves and have nots.
Take for instance, the rise of ISIS in Iraq. After almost two and half years of American troops having left Iraq, the country is still in a disarray. While the Kurds in the northern region of Iraq are demanding a separate country, ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq & Greater Syria) is planning to redraw the entire map of the middle-east region by creating a new state comprising parts of Iraq and Syria. Its leader, Abu-Bakr-Al-Baghdadi has proclaimed himself as the new “Caliph” of the Islamic world. According to various estimates, ISIS troops range from 11000 to 50000 men and some of them even hold European passports. The outfit currently controls several key towns in Iraq including Tikrit(hometown of former dictator Saddam Hussein) and Mosul and there is a serious possibility that the group may overrun Iraq in the near future. In fact, such is the savagery of this outfit, that even the Al-Qaeda has denounced it. The war in Syria between rebel and government forces also seems to show no signs of ending so far. MH-17, the ill-fated Malaysian airline flight, which was shot down by former Soviet Union made BUK Missiles can also be seen in the same scheme of things. The death of 298 people, across various nationalities, stand testimony to the dangerous world that we currently live in.

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Business Article Writing Challenge
The competition provides an opportunity to write on one of the finest business blogs in India. In addition to this, selected articles will also be featured in the third edition of Sparks! Magazine, the monthly business magazine of the website. 

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Rules & Guidelines!
1. The event is open for all participants globally. The participation can be in the form of an individual or in a team of two. 

2. The article can be on any business issue (preferably recent). However, it must be original and free from plagiarism. We have a zero tolerance policy towards plagiarised content and the author(s) may face permanent ban from writing in our site if proven guilty. If your article is approved for the event,
-It cannot be posted on any other blog/site.
-References (if used) for the article should be provided.
-The article should not have been sent to any other online or offline event in the past or published on any blog/website.

The article must cater to one of the areas:
-Marketing & Branding
-Strategy & Operations
-Start-up / NGO story and why you feel it will succeed

3. Rule of Judging: 
a. Quality of writing and Content- 40%
b. Analysis and Insights- 25%
c. Social Interaction (Comments + Tweets + Linkedin Shares) - 35%

4. The minimum word count for the article is 800 words. There is an upper limit of 2000 words.

5. Only Graphs and Tables can be included in the article. Use of no other image is permitted. Font style: Georgia Size: 8, color: black. Do not use any fancy formatting, cover page or table of content. Headings and Sub-headings in size 10 and in bold, color: black.

6. The article needs to be mailed in .doc format to along with your name and a short bio about what you do with the subject line as "Article Writing Challenge-IMM- Your name, B-school/Organisation". The last date for sending the article is 7th September, 2014 (In order to be considered for Sparks! Edition 3, the article must reach us by 20th August, 2014).You will hear from us within 72 hours after sending the article whether your article has been accepted.

7. The winning entries will be declared on 22nd September, 2014 on our fanpage. The winners will be communicated by email. The decision of the Management team will be final.

8. Early Bird Advantage:  The articles that are received early will get a longer promotion period as they would be posted immediately after approval of the content

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